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hpalms_icons: An Icon Community For Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms Icon Community

Hidden Palms Icon Community
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Welcome to the Hidden Palms Icon Community!
Welcome to hpalms_icons! Your official icon community for the CW TV drama series, Hidden Palms. This icon community was created by Joanne ocallyfan80 [me]. Your fellow maintainers are Jamie glance18 and Kristen xtutorgrrlx. They will keep an eye on the community as well as me.

Catch all new episodes of Hidden Palms on Wednesdays @ 8pm/7 central only on the CW!


You can only post up 3 icons on the actual post as a preview/teaser then you can have a fake-cut. Fake-cuts are allowed as well as direct linking to where your icons are.
This is an icon community and only allows 100x100 icons that relate to the show Hidden Palms. And only icons.
As previewing/teasing your icons, please make sure it's your Hidden Palms related icons. Please do not preview/tease icons that aren't part of the show.
If your icon post contain spoiler, please put it behind the LJ cut. As for the spoiler-free icons, you are allowed to put it up as a preview/teaser.
Please follow the posters' rules. If I'm notified that you weren't following the rules, you will be banned.
No hotlinking in this community! And do not claim the posters' arts as yours.
Please be polite and nice. No hate comments/posts! As well as spamming.
Do not promote any communities. If you want to promote your community, you can be affiliated. More information at the bottom.

When the community grows larger, more rules will possibly be added.



If you would like to be affiliated, please comment in this post here.

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